The day after the Nationals suffered a few small injuries, the damage still appears to be minimal. Second baseman Danny Espinosa is scheduled to get to an X-ray on his right foot, which he fouled a ball directly off of last night. The Nationals consider Espinosa day-to-day after team athletic trainers checked his foot for fractures by hand last night.

Espinosa was walking through the clubhouse this morning in flip-flops, with a slight limp but no other apparent ill effects. “Feels like it never got hit,” Espinosa said.

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, as expected, said he would probably be able to play with his sore groin if today was the regular season. The tweak didn’t occur on one play, he said, but instead slowly developed.

“It’s sore,” Zimmerman said. “Might as well get rid of it now so I don’t have to deal with it during the season. It’s something that’s going to need some rest for it to get better. I figured I might as well sit out now for however long it takes and be ready to go for the season.”

Zimmerman will sit out at least four more days being scratched from the lineup yesterday. After also dealing with a minor abdominal issue earlier in camp that cost him three days, Zimmerman is falling behind on at-bats compared to other Nationals regular. Most starters have about 35 at-bat; Zimmerman has 22 and won’t get another until next week.

But if you could pick the player in the clubhouse least affected by a dearth of spring training at-bats, it would be Zimmerman. He’s often said the only thing he worries about between February and April is not getting hurt.

“I could play right now in the regular season” in terms of how he feels at the plate, Zimmerman said. “So it’s no big deal.”

I didn’t catch Ivan Rodriguez in the clubhouse, so an update on his left calf will have to wait. Michael Morse just had an upset stomach last night, so he’s good to play today. He’ll travel to the Kissimmee for a game against the Astors.

Ian Desmond was originally down to travel, but he played last night, too, and Manager Jim Riggleman just thought better of having Desmond play a day game after a night game when both were on the road. Desmond’s completely fine.

Here’s the full lineup:


1. Nyjer Morgan, CF

2. Alex Cora, SS

3. Jayson Werth, RF

4. Matt Stairs, 1B

5. Michael Morse, LF

6. Wilson Ramos, C

7. Brian Bixler, 3B

8. Alberto Gonzalez, 2B

9. Ross Detwiler, SP

The other traveling position players:

Jesus Flores

Derek Norris

Alberto Gonzalez

Chris Marrero

Alex Cintron (minor league extra player)

Matt Antonelli (minor league extra player)

Stephen Lombardozzi (minor league extra player)

Roger Bernadina

Laynce Nix

Eury Perez (minor league extra player)

And the pitchers:

Sean Burnett

Tyler Clippard

Cole Kimball

Doug Slaten

And a couple extras.