“First of all, we haven’t got all the information on Gorzelanny,” Johnson said. “He threw today, that’s correct. But how’s he going to be tomorrow? He might be sore, think he needs another day.

“On the plane to LA I’ll go over it. Since I haven’t had a good history with all the pitchers before I came here, I basically didn’t put a whole lot of input into the rotation, but I do a lot of input in when I’m up to speed on who I want pitching, who I give rest to and that kind of thing. Not that McCatty hasn’t done a great job, it’s just that when I get more up to speed on the league, makeup and the pitchers on our staff then I don’t start messing with it. Now that we have off days we have the option to give guys an extra day for some rest or a more favorable mathcup. Those are the games I like to play.”

>>> Ivan Rodriguez could come off the disabled list Friday, and he’s hoping to get activated sometime this weekend. But Johnson has no rush to bring back Rodriguez, since Wilson Ramos will be playing Friday and Saturday, anyway, and Rodriguez is only his backup.

“There’s not an urgency,” Johnson said. “It’s not like you’ve got the second-coming coming back.”

>>> Laynce Nix is out today because Johnson wants to stack three off days together to rest his nagging right Achilles’ tendon. “It’s really frustrating,” Nix said. “It sucks, but it’s smart.”