Some new details emerged today on Edwin Jackson’s contract, from a person with knowledge of the deal. Jackson will make $11 million in 2012, not $10 million as had previously been widely reported, including by The Post. Jackson’s deal also includes significant award bonuses for making the all-star team, receiving Cy Young and MVP votes and postseason awards.

Jackson chose the Nationals because they offered several factors conducive to building value for another run at free agency next winter.

The National League is far less challenging than the American League; the Nationals’ excellent bullpen should preserve wins for him; and Jackson is open to the Nationals’ idea of tweaking his wind-up, which has been less effective than his pitching from the stretch.

In the past, other clients of Scott Boras, Jackson’s agent, have also used so-called “pillow contracts” — one-year deals aimed at rebuilding free agent value. Adrian Beltre is the most successful example. In 2010, Beltre made $9 million for the Red Sox and, after a monster season, signed a five-year, $96 million deal with the Rangers.


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