UPDATE 10:29: They game has been postponed, and the Nationals and Cardinals will play a split doubleheader tomorrow. John Lannan will start the first game, at 2:15 p.m., and Jordan Zimmermann will pitch the second, at 8:15 p.m. For a bit, the rain let up and nearly halted. But then hard rain, buckets and buckets of rain, returned.

I’ll have one more post in a few minutes after getting a brief update from Jim Riggleman.

UPDATE, 9:14: Where to start? There was hail. There is still hard rain. There were tornado warning sirens blaring, at which point I took cover in the stairwell behind the press box like the little, little man that I am. There is still no word on the start of the game. The warning track is a moat and it’s still pouring. They seem determined to play, but I think I see animals marching two-by-two in left-center.

UPDATE, 7:53: Officials are confident the weather will allow for a full game, but it will not start on time. A quick, heavy rain is expected to pass through soon, then be gone for good. Starting pitchers have not yet started to warm up even. There is not yet a scheduled start time, but when there is I’ll post it.

We may or may not have baseball tonight in St. Louis, where the weather figures to be near-apocalyptic come game time. You know how tornadoes are caused when a warm front collides with a cold front? It snowed three hours north of here, and it was 85 in St. Louis. Yikes. There’s also thunderstorms and a 100-percent chance of rain in the forecast.

But, if there is a game, the Nationals have a chance to do something they did once all last season. The Nationals compiled only one four-game winning streak in 2010, and it did not happen until Sept. 24. Tonight, with John Lannan facing Jake Westbrook, the Nationals have a chance to match their hottest stretch from all of 2010 before May arrives.

Lannan fared better against the Cardinals last year than just about any other team. In two starts, he allowed them three earned runs over 13 2/3 innings, striking out six and walking one. His best start of the season came against the Cardinals in late August, when he yielded one run in 7 2/3 innings without walking a batter.

Talk about the game – if there is one – right here.

UPDATE, 8:22: Still no word on the start of the game. But would you look at this sky: