“Chills, you know?” Lannan said. “It’s something that unites the nation. It’s pretty cool to be part of, to be here.”

Tonight, in a bit of incredible timing, is Military Appreciation Night at Nationals Park. The day had been planned since February. Anyone who showed a valid military ID, active or retired, received four free tickets to tonight’s game.

For that to happen here tonight, after last night’s news, was not lost on Nationals. Drew Storen tweeted this afternoon that he hoped for “pretty epic” U-S-A chants from the crowd.

“It would be pretty cool if they do,” Lannan said. “I’ll be there chanting with them.”

Uniformly, players had seen and been awed by the chants that took place in Philadelphia last night, as the news about bin Laden rippled through the crowd at Citizens Bank Park.

“Baseball is so ingrained in our country, it has been for so long,” Manager Jim Riggleman said. “And defending our country is ingrained in our country. It’s just, I think, a sense of pride. I know our players since 9/11 are very encouraged and able to step back and get away from their latest at-bat or latest they’ve thrown whenever we have the flags on the field. Baseball has really done a great job recognizing the connection between our country and baseball and the military.”

It could be a unique night at the park. Talk about the game right here.