Still, Hairston considered going along with the appeal, anyway, which, coincidentally, would have been heard today. He still believes he was in the right and did not, as the league alleged, make contact with umpire Ed Hickox while arguing a call.

“It’s just better from the team standpoint,” Hairston said. “If I get lose the appeal and get suspended three or four days from now, that’ll just hurt us. The money is going to be well spent for the Baseball Assistance Team. If there’s one good thing coming out of it, that’s it.”

Though he’s foregoing a day in court he wanted, Hairston is glad to put the incident behind him, for both his sake and Hickox’s. “Ed’s a really good umpire,” Hairston said. “It’s a game. Things happen.”

Hairston is hopeful he will be able to return tomorrow. He said he’s still sore and is taking medication to help relieve and relax the spasms in the right side of his lower back. Today, Alex Cora is playing third for him.