The tarp is on the field at Citizens Bank Park, and judging by the forecast and the looks of things, it will not be going anywhere for a while. I’m not dumb enough to try to predict the weather, but if watching Phillies-Nationals is on your docket, you may want to consider new plans.

If the game is indeed postponed, Chien-Ming Wang would receive extra rest for the second straight start. The first time he was supposed to start in Chicago was Monday, and rain postponed that one. On Tuesday, Wang carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning in his first win with the Nationals. Rain, incidentally, also delayed the start Wang made before Chicago, but he had already finished pitching at the point.

Wang will probably get two extra days of rest, giving him a full week. The Phillies and Nationals share an off day tomorrow, but both clubs would probably prefer to play a split doubleheader when the Nationals come back to Philadelphia in September. With expanded rosters, neither team would have to risk wearing out their pitching staff.

Under the presumption that today gets rained out and the teams opt for a doubleheader in September, the Nationals would catch a minor break – they might not have to face Roy Halladay, today’s scheduled starter.

When there is more on the announcement, we’ll have. Also, proposed lineups should be out soon.