With Jayson Werth dealing with several nagging injuries, Manager Davey Johnson gave him a day off tonight against the Braves. Werth also missed a game last with a mild groin strain. Werth has also been playing with his sore right hand wrapped in tape, and on Saturday he fouled a ball off his left foot.

Johnson said Werth is “fine” and “could play,” but wanted to give him rest, as he did for Ryan Zimmerman on Sunday in Cincinnati. With yesterday’s off day, Werth will get two days off in a row.

“He’s a little banged up,” Johnson said. “Sunday, he played 14 innings and had a bad foot. I just told him, ‘It’s not up for discussion. Zim took a couple days off, you can take a couple.’ ”

The Nationals also made a late change to their lineup. Jesus Flores will start in place of Wilson Ramos, who got sick last night and is still ill today. He may or may not be available to pinch-hit. “He was sound asleep in the training room, the last I saw him,” Johnson said.