Last year at this time, Flores was at Class AAA Syracuse, still trying to regain full strength in his battered right shoulder. His game Monday provided more evidence that the shoulder issue is behind him.

“Physically and mentally, it’s a whole different world than a year ago,” Flores said. “I just feel great. I feel healthy. I feel good.

“Just the way I feel, I can tell that I’m back. Everything’s back. It feels stronger hitting. Strong throwing. I really feel good enough to do my job.”

Flores has bristled in the past about having to back up Ramos, whom he considers a good friend. While he has come to accept his spot, Flores still views himself as an everyday catcher.

“I’m prepared,” Flores said. “I wouldn’t say comfortable. I’m still learning to be in this position, this role. But it’s something that, this is still not what I want to be.”