(The Washington Post)

Morgan making his thoughts public did nothing to change the bottom line – the overwhelming likelihood is that Morgan will no longer be National by opening day – but it was, the Nationals, a disappointing way for Morgan to end a spring during he exhibited first-class behavior.

“Somebody brought it to my attention, and I did read it,” Manager Jim Riggleman said. “The thing about it is, Nyjer has been a tremendous worker this spring. He’s been the first guy here. He’s putting in the time in the cage, working with (third base coach) Bo Porter on his base running. He’s been an outstanding all-around guy. So I’m disappointed that he feels that.

“I’m sure it’s based on seeing the two or three other guys he’s competing with. Maybe he feels like we’re sending him a message that he’s not our center fielder. We’re still determining that. We’re still determining where he fits on the club if he’s not our center field. So, yeah, I’m disappointed. I understand where it’s coming from.”

>>> Ross Detwiler will pitch tomorrow against the Marlins while John Lannan will throw in a minor league game. Detwiler’s assignment is no way a reflection of his chances to make the team. The Nationals do not want to give an NL East opponent another chance to see Lannan before the season.

“Just one less look they’ll get,” Riggleman said. “You can’t always do it, but whenever we can, we like to have these guys pitch against somebody’s who’s not in the division.”

>>> The full results of the MRI Adam LaRoche’s had done on his sore left shoulder are not known, but they were sufficient for the Nationals to believe LaRoche is fine. He will be in the lineup Monday.