During the ruinous third inning Saturday night, Lannan made one of the best highlights plays of this Nationals season when he dove for a chopper down the third base line and, in one motion, snagged the ball and flipped it with his glove over runner Ryan Howard to make an out at the plate.

Afterward, pitching coach Steve McCatty visited the mound to ask if Lannan needed more time or if he had hurt himself on the play. Lannan assured he could continue to pitch, but he admitted later that he had trouble pushing off with his knee as he walked Roy Oswalt, the opposing pitcher.

Lannan did not seem concerned about the knee, but he said it felt “tight” this morning. Lannan said he had history with mild tendinitis in his knees from running and lifting weights, but he had made a change to his workout routine this year that eliminated that issue.

But last night, after he made “an awkward movement” as the ball took a funny hop, he “just tweaked it.” Lannan will have plenty of time to rest. Thanks to today’s rain out and tomorrow’s off day, his next start will likely not come until Saturday.

The play earned Lannan the No. 1 Web Gem on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.” This morning, his cell phone was full of text messages from friends letting him know his highlight status.