In this morning’s newspaper and on Baseball Insider, Dave Sheinin describes how Zack Greinke ended up rejecting the Nationals and landing with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Commenter PNatsFan includes losing Greinke in a long, thoughtful post assessing The Plan:

For all those who championed “The Plan” and how great it was to spend no money lose a bunch of games for years and wait on prospects from the draft... Here is your “opportunity cost” :

1 . you had to overpay for Werth (and any other free agent which will eradicate your “profits” from being cheap) and weren’t able to get Greinke

2. You had to Pay a lot of money to unproven Strasburg and Harper, which your success is now tied to. (also disposing of “profits” )

3. You have erradicated your season ticket base, making it harder for you to sell sponsorships, stadium naming rights, radio deals, group tickets, etc..

Do you agree? What’s your assesment of Phase 1 of The Plan?