(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Today, MLB switched Morse’s third-inning single against the Phillies on Aug. 2 to an error on shortstop Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies prompted the scoring change by submitting a review request to the league.

And so, Morse’s 18-game hitting streak, which would have been the longest current stretch in the majors, is stricken from the record books as if it never happened. Morse instead has an ongoing seven-game streak and a 10-gamer that was snapped by an 0-for-4 Aug. 2.

Thursday night, Morse clobbered two home runs for the fourth time in his career. “Today was more the way he swung the bat last year,” Johnson said. “Since he came back, it looks like he’s almost sitting on the breaking ball. Today, he was attacking the fastball. I like that.”