Major League Baseball officials met with Puerto Rican authorities last week to discuss the federal investigation into Livan Hernandez’s alleged money laundering activities, said Jacqueline Novas, special counsel to the U.S. Attorney in Puerto Rico.

The meeting took place May 18 at the district attorney offices in Puerto Rico and lasted less than an hour, Novas said. Both Novas and a major league official offered no further details about the meeting, and Novas declined comment when asked about the status of the investigation into Hernandez.

On April 26, a U.S. Attorney in Puerto Rico announced that federal authorities are investigating Hernandez’s potential connection to convicted Puerto Rican kingpin Angel Manuel Ayala-Vazquez. During Vazquez’s trial, a convicted drug trafficker testified that Hernandez helped Vazquez launder money.

Hernandez has said “there is nothing interesting” to the case and has continued to pitch as scheduled for the Nationals. He is 3-6 with a 3.71 ERA this season.