After the two sides could not settle on his 2012 salary, the Nationals and left-handed starter John Lannan completed an arbitration hearing Wednesday that will determine Lannan’s raise for next season. The team will learn the results Thursday.

The Nationals, like all teams, prefer to avoid arbitration trials, which typically include contentious negotiations with their own player. But the Nationals and Lannan could not determine a compromise after the Nationals filed for $5 million and Lannan asked for $5.7 million.

“John Lannan knows it’s not personal, that this is a business decision,” General Manager Mike Rizzo said. “Once we get to spring training, this is in the past. I spoke to John, and he told me he’s raring to go. After tomorrow, this is behind us. No hard feelings at all.”

In accordance with the arbitration process, three judges heard both sides lay out their case. The judges base their decision on if they believe Lannan should earn more or less than the midpoint between $5 million and $5.7 million.