The Nationals announced the signings of 23 players from their draft class this afternoon, including six of their top choices. Financial terms of the deals are not yet known, but the top 10 bonuses are especially important. The Nationals need to conserve funds from their available $4.4 million pool to sign No. 16 overall pick Lucas Giolito, a prep right-handed pitcher from California with huge potential.

The Nationals’ other three unsigned top 10 picks — third-round pick Brett Mooneyham (LHP, Stanford), seventh-rounder Robert Benincasa (RHP, Florida State) and eighth-rounder Stephen Perez (SS, Miami) — all played in the College World Series, which delayed negotiations. Florida State is still playing, which means the Nationals are not allowed to discuss a contract with him.

Here is the full list of signees:

Second baseman Anthony Renda (second round), outfielder Brandon Miller (fourth round) catcher Spence Kieboom (fifth round), center fielder Hayden Jennings (sixth round), right-handed pitcher Derek Self (ninth round), catcher Craig Manuel (tenth round), right-handed pitcher Brian Rauh (11th round), third baseman Carlos Lopez (12th round), left-handed pitcher Elliott Waterman (13th round), right fielder Jordan Poole (14th round), right-handed pitcher Ronald Pena (16th round), right-handed pitcher Blake Schwartz (17th round), right-handed pitcher David Fischer (18th round), first baseman Bryan Lippincott (19th round), shortstop James Brooks (20th round), catcher Austin Chubb (21st round), right-handed pitcher Will Hudgins (22nd round), outfielder Casey Selsor (23rd round), right-handed pitcher Kevin Dicharry (24th round), shortstop Hunter Bailey (28th round), right-handed pitcher Leonard Hollins (29th round), right-handed pitcher Michael Boyden (31st round) and second baseman Mike McQuillan (33rd round).