WASHINGTON DC , August 21 : A Phillies fan calling himself "Cheesesstake Head" at Nationals Stadium in Washington DC , August 21, 2011. (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Nationals “Take Back the Park” campaign goes into effect this weekend, but you can bet that Phillies fans will find their way into Nats Park.

What if you run into a Phillies fan around Washington this weekend? We asked Philadelphia Inquirer metro columnist Daniel Rubin for his anthropological insights. Here are six:

A Field Guide to visiting Philadelphians

* Do not reference our current slump. Philly’s resented Washington since we lost the capital to you in 1800. As an international town, you are used to visitors who don’t speak the language.

* If a Phillies fan seems to be asking for wooder, we are actually parched. Get us a drink.

* We love champions. Never mention that Rocky wasn’t real.

* If you’re going to buy us a cheesesteak, leave the Swiss cheese for John Kerry.

* Don’t get all huffy about your superior cultural life. You’ve probably never visited our Insectarium or the Stoogeum.

* If Phoggy Bottom and Phederal Triangle signs start appearing the Metro, you know we took the series.

You can read more from Daniel at his Philly.com Blinq blog and on Twitter at @danielrubin

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