The uproar and opinions are surely only beginning to pile up in the case of Joel Peralta’s ejection last night for smearing pine tar on his glove. One question still needs to be resolved: What happens to Peralta?

(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

The typical suspension for pitchers found guilty of using a foreign substance is 10 days, but because the league is still awaiting the glove, no ruling has been made.

The likely outcome is a ruling will come tomorrow – which means the Rays will probably have Peralta, one of their most valuable set-up relievers, available tonight no matter what.

The Nationals may have eliminated Peralta from last night’s game, and he could be suspended for Thursday’s game. It’s still possible, depending on the efficiency of FedEx and MLB, that Peralta will be disqualified for tonight. But it’s also possible that we’ll have the drama of Peralta taking the mound and facing the Nationals, sans any goo on his glove, one assumes.