Injured first baseman Adam LaRoche, who hopes to return this season after learning he will eventually require surgery to fix a torn labrum and a damaged rotator cuff, said he does not believe he or the team should have acted differently to avoid a serious injury to his left shoulder, one that threatens to end his season.

“It never hurt to swing,” LaRoche said. “So my initial thinking was: It’s not affecting my swing. I don’t feel anything. I can play through the year just like this as long as it doesn’t start hurting. It’s just one small little thing, whatever it is, in my swing that it’s doing. It took me a while to figure that out.” first reported LaRoche could miss the rest of the season and had also experienced damage to his rotator cuff. While LaRoche’s injury is serious enough that he now knows it affected his swing, he hasn’t given up on 2011. He will rest and perform physical therapy for three weeks before making a decision.

“I’m holding out hope that this works,” LaRoche said. “Whether that’s wishful thinking or not, time will tell. Whether the doctors know something different, I couldn’t tell you. Right now, I’m planning on that. And if it doesn’t happen, we’ll probably find out pretty quick.”

LaRoche said he is dealing with “a really good-sized tear” in his labrum. The injury worsened during the course of the season; LaRoche said he would not have been able to play at all if the tear had happened all at once. In spring training, when he first learned of the tear in his labrum, the tear was smaller, LaRoche said. At no point was the option of surgery on the table he saw a specialist in New York last week, he said.