Nationals Manager Davey Johnson revealed today pitcher Brad Lidge suffers from vertigo that had been especially acute recently, to the point where it was unclear if the veteran reliever would be available yesterday.

(Jonathan Daniel/GETTY IMAGES)

“This morning was the first morning [Lidge] woke up without veritgo in the last week I think,” Johnson said. “And if you’ve never had vertigo, it’s something you don’t want. Can’t hardly walk a straight line.”

Symptoms of vertigo include a sensation of spinning while stationary and can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting as well as blurred vision and difficulty speaking.

The Nationals clubhouse was closed to the media following Johnson’s news conference, so Lidge was not immediately available to comment.

Johnson said he has had bouts of vertigo and that treatment can included rotating an affected person’s head to the left, right and straight down.

“They had some more techniques in there they were using on him yesterday I noticed,” Johnson said. “I need to get those.”