(Al Behrman/AP)

“The trainers think it’s not a severe pull,” Manager Davey Johnson said. “We’ll see tomorrow.”

Making his second consecutive start, Bernadina drew a one-out walk in the fourth inning. When a passed ball skittered far away from catcher J.P. Arencibia, Bernadina hustled from first to third. Bernadina sprinted fast enough that he did not need to slide, but he did, headfirst, and as he slid he felt his right hamstring catch. Bernadina called for a trainer and limped off the field, stopping to grab his right leg.

“I couldn’t bend my knee when it happened, but now it’s okay,” Bernadina said. “Stuff like that happens. That’s how it is. I hope tomorrow it will be better.”

Bernadina’s injury comes at inopportune time. Johnson indicated Bernadina could receive more playing time. He is 4 for his last 8, including a game-winning double in the ninth inning Sunday, with three walks.