(John McDonnell)

“If playing risks making it get worse, then rest is the prudent course,” General Manager Mike Rizzo said. “But so far he’s fine doing most movements. Swinging the bat, playing defense and running the bases, he’s fine. Certain movements and certain angles of the throws, and when he slid right on it, that hurt.”

The Nationals have not yet considered placing Zimmerman on the disabled list, wanting to see how Zimmerman responds after two consecutive days off. Zimmerman spent Sunday morning receiving treatment and therefore was not available for comment.

Zimmerman missed three games, from March 8-10, with a mild abdominal strain in spring training. At the time, he called the ailment “a non-factor.” But the strain flared up again around the start of the season, Rizzo said. The Nationals have “about the same concern level we’ve had since opening day” in regard to Zimmerman, Rizzo said.

Zimmerman hurt himself Saturday when he slid headfirst into second base in the third inning, taking an extra base on a single when the throw that went to third. The slide turned out to be unnecessary, as the Mets never threw the ball to second. Zimmerman remained in the game and went 1 for 3 with a single.

At the end of last season, Zimmerman missed the final two weeks with an oblique strain. In the spring, Zimmerman said this abdominal injury is not related in any way to that ailment.

This year, Zimmerman has started 10 for 28 with seven walks, a triple and a home run. He leads the Nationals in both slugging (.536) and on-base percentage (.486).