Still sore from surgery, Ryan Zimmerman began his rehab this morning by walking one mile on a treadmill. It took him 30 minutes to complete. “I was flying,” he said.

After undergoing the operation on Tuesday and speaking with Bill Meyers, the specialist who performed the procedure, Zimmerman still thinks he will remain out for six weeks, which the doctor and the Nationals expected before surgery.

“There was a decent tear in there that he fixed,” Zimmerman said. “But with what he looked at in the MRI, it was exactly what he thought it was going to be when he went in there. Most importantly, he thinks that the timetable that they set before he went in there is right, about the right time. So that’s good to hear.”

Zimmerman said he will try to ignore timetables and focus on the next task in his rehab. Although he realizes in hindsight that surgery as early as spring training could have helped him miss less time, Zimmerman believes trying to rehab without surgery was the best idea. As he pointed out, any surgery presents risks, no matter how minor.

“Obviously I’m still a young guy,” Zimmerman said. “I’ve got a lot of baseball left to play. That’s probably the most important thing, to stay with what they tell me to do. It’s frustrating. I’m getting impatient not playing. But you’ve got to make sure you stay with it and do what they tell you to do.”