(Al Behrman/AP)

Zimmerman had been feeling soreness in his sore right shoulder, an injury to which landed him on the disabled list for 13 games. Zimmerman took batting practice and performed his usual pregame routine, but after batting practice Johnson informed Zimmerman that Chad Tracy would play in his place.

“It happened at the last second, so it made it seem worse than it is,” Zimmerman said. “It’s just like when you come back from anything. I think it’s just playing every day. It’s not even the same region as the other one. It’s just general soreness.”

Zimmerman has played every game since he returned May 8, which Johnson said contributed to his soreness. He decided late to swap Zimmerman out.

“He just had a little bit of soreness in his shoulder,” Johnson said. “He wanted to play, and I said, ‘You ain’t playing. You’re too valuable to me.’ I’ll lose this battle, but I don’t want to lose the war.”

Zimmerman objected, but had no choice.

“Davey just wouldn’t let me play,” Zimmerman said. “He’s the boss, I guess. We went back and forth a little bit. Nobody doesn’t want to play.”