Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman is unsure about the severity of his strained abdominal muscle and when he may return after aggravating it Saturday night sliding headfirst into second base. Asked how worried he was, Zimmerman responded only by saying, “Don’t know.”

Zimmerman first strained his abdomen a week into spring training games, but at the time he called that ailment “a non-factor.” Zimmerman had started feeling the muscle right in the middle of his stomach flare up once the season began, but it severely worsened Saturday night.

“It felt bad enough not to play today,” Zimmerman said. “It’s worse than it was. It’s not terrible. So we’ll see. It kind of goes in and out. Every one in here has their own bumps and bruises. I just hope it doesn’t get worse.”

The Nationals will re-evaluate Zimmerman on Tuesday after an off day. They have not yet considering sending Zimmerman to the disabled list, but his vagueness certainly seems like a bad sign.

Meanwhile, Adam LaRoche expects to play Tuesday after the leaving game in the 11th inning with a strained left groin. LaRoche first felt the ailment when he checked his swing during his second at-bat, and he tweaked it again running to second base in the 11th.

“He wanted to stay in the game,” Manager Jim Riggleman said. “But if we tried to score him on a base hit, that’s when he’d really hurt something.”

LaRoche did not seem overly concerned. “It’s perfect timing for an off day tomorrow,” LaRoche said. “I’ve had it before. I’ve had it in the exact same spot. I’ve it worse than this. It’s not terrible right now.”

Still, LaRoche, 31, is also dealing with a slight labrum tear in his shoulder. While he’s not too worried about his latest injury, the combination is tough to take.

“It’s really frustrating,” LaRoche said. “Looking back the last couple years, I’ve had some little things like this early, and luckily they kind of ironed themselves out and been okay the rest of the way. Hopefully that’s how it works out.”