With Ryan Zimmerman’s self-imposed 10 a.m. deadline looming, the Nationals and Zimmerman have yet to reach a contract extension. Zimmerman joined the rest of his teammates at a team meeting to kick off the first full-squad workout of spring training. As he walked into the clubhouse, Zimmerman said he had heard no update.

Zimmerman is signed through 2013, but there is still urgency for him to sign now. Zimmerman has said he plans to test free agency if he does not have a new contract extension before the 2013 season begins. Without a deal now, the pressure would skyrocket next winter for the sides to reach an extension. It would also cause the Nationals to perhaos consider the remote possibility of trading Zimmerman at the July deadline.

Zimmerman said yesterday he is willing to sign a “team-friendly” deal The Nationals have know since January the cost it would take to sign him. And yet, the talks have gone down to the last minutes.