(Ann Heisenfelt/AP)

Of the many clients Boras has on the Nationals, the most high-profile one who’s a free agent is probably Ivan Rodriguez. Boras indicated Rodriguez has received a high-level of interest as a backup catcher

“I think a lot of the market moves from down under now,” Boras said. “There are a lot of versatile infielders and backup catchers that are getting early offers. There’s a chance that those kinds of things could move quickly. As specifically to the Nationals, I have to talk to Mike.”

He made clear that Rodriguez does indeed see himself as a backup catcher now. A prideful man who sits 156 hits away from 3,000, Rodriguez may disagree. But Boras said Rodriguez’s role is “pretty defined now. I know Pudge wants to get to 3,000 hits. That’s an important dimension for him. I think it’s clear [he] understands [he’s] not going to be an everyday player.”

Rodriguez’s acceptance to a reserve may help his chances of sticking with the Nationals. One team to watch on Rodriguez is the Twins. They need a solid backup catcher with Joe Mauer’s sketchy injury history, and last summer they drafted his son, Dereck.

Boras also said infielder Anthony Rendon, the Nationals’ first-round pick, has regained full strength in his throwing arm. Rendon remained at the Nationals’ complex in Florida rather than heading to the Arizona Fall League in order to work on throwing mechanics after he a shoulder muscle injury prevented him from playing defense during his season at Rice. Rendon will be good to go in spring training.

>>> A very small and unsurprising nugget: Matt Capps’s agent, Paul Kinzer, said he has not heard anything from the Nats about Capps, who’s a free agent. Capps enjoyed his time in Washington and the Nationals liked having him around. But it’s pretty obvious there’s no fit there, if you were wondering.