(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Yahoo! Sports reported today that Rizzo said Strasburg would not exceed 180 innings. Rizzo said he has made no such determination and never put any such strict cap on Strasburg’s innings total. Rizzo will decide when to shut down Strasburg based, in part, on how strong and consistent he looks when pitching and how many stressful innings he throws, variables that cannot be predicted.

So, anyway, no news except for what we already know: Strasburg, who is starting tonight in Arizona, is getting shut down in a pennant race, and we don’t know exactly when.

Let’s be logical about this. If Strasburg threw more than 180 innings, he would basically be pitching an entire season. So, yes, it would be a major surprise if he threw more than 180. Last year, Jordan Zimmermann was limited to 160 innings, and he surpassed that number by 12/3 innings in his final start. So, if you want to speculate, 160 to 180 remains the best guess. Again, nothing new there.

Entering tonight, Strasburg has thrown 127 1/3 innings and will most likely pitch for about another month. He leads the majors with 11.3 strikeouts per nine innings and ranks eighth in the National League with a 2.97 ERA.