It’s a great opportunity to add talent, but it will mean a significant financial commitment in terms or signing bonuses. Last year, the Nationals signed Bryce Harper, Sammy Solis, A.J. Cole and Robbie Ray with signing bonuses well over the MLB-recommended slot.

The Nationals lost the 66th overall pick, the sixth choice in the second round, to the Phillies because they signed Jayson Werth as a free agent. The Phillies also received the 39th overall pick as compensation. The Nationals’ first-round pick, since it’s in the top 18 choices, was protected. That’s why they get the White Sox’ first-round pick for Dunn but only lose a second-round choice for signing Werth. Both players were Type A free agents.

Dunn, by the way, is 5 for 29 with six walks, a homer and a double, which comes to a .227/.414/.409 slash line.

The full order can be seen here.