The tarp is actually coming off the field at Nationals Park at the moment, maybe just to drain. It figures to be covering the field for much of the night. Ivan Rodriguez is running stadium steps under only a drizzle, but the forecast calls for more than that later.

Radio silence from the Nationals at this point on cancellation plans and contingencies, so for now let’s proceed as if there will be a game. These will be the players behind Stephen Strasburg as he returns to the major leagues.


1. Ian Desmond, SS

2. Jayson Werth, CF

3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

4. Michael Morse, LF

5. Jonny Gomes, RF

6. Danny Espinosa, 2B

7. Chris Marrero, 1B

8. Wilson Ramos, C

9. Stephen Strasburg, SP