Stephen Strasburg: Second time’s the charm. (Bradley C Bower/AP)

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But then came the tear in Strasburg’s right elbow, the Tommy John surgery that pieced his famous arm back together and the yearlong wait Washington would have to make to get its famous pitcher back. (For Strasburg, the wait was 368 days.)

If the weather holds up, the wait is finally over as Strasburg and the Nationals gear up to face Los Angeles Tuesday evening. It looks like fans will get another shot at celebrating Strasmas.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying in anticipation of Strasburg’s “restart.” Is his second start over-hyped, under-hyped or just hyped enough? Tell us what you think by using #Strasmas. (If you want even more chatter, check out the transcript of this morning’s Strasburg-focused Ask Boswell chat.)

So pumped for strasburgs return tonight to the MLB #strasmasTue Sep 06 15:28:04 via Twitter for iPhoneTyler Roth

Good morning everyone. Happy Strasmas!Tue Sep 06 14:55:48 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Chris Webb