In the meantime, Craig Timberg, an editor on the Post’s National desk, raises a good question about tonight: If his debut was Strasmas, what’s tonight? He emailed last week, and I’ll yield to him:

“Can somebody find a better term for Strasburg’s return than Strasmas II?

There is only one Strasmas (as there is only one Christmas), and it comes every year on June 8. Some of us celebrate it with videos and beers and fond remembrances of that magical night. And to follow out the metaphor, the savior wasn’t born twice. He was born, appeared to die (in Philly of all places), then was resurrected by Tommy John surgery, an updated form of divine intervention. Doesn’t that sound more like Easter?

So, my opening bid is Straster, but this seems like something that demands some crowd sourcing.”

Indeed. What do you all think?