(Al Behrman/AP)

“Just the ACL,” Ramos said. “They say it’s normal surgery. I think I’m not coming back this season. But I will be good for next season.”

The injury, as one would expect, crushed Ramos, 24, emotionally. The day he tore the ligament, reporters approached him and he said, “Please, not now.” Ramos was still disappointed today.

“That was very, very bad for now,” Ramos said. “I was so down. But that’s a whole season. I will take my good rehab and after that I’m going to come back and play.”

Ramos arrived at spring training this year grateful and eager to move on from his harrowing abduction this winter in his native Venezuela. Ramos plans to remain in Washington with the Nationals and bring his family here. (Ramos lived in Venezuela this winter after his kidnapping, protected by armed guards.) He has been working to get his family the appropriate paper work to move to the United States.

“I will stay here before I get surgery,” Ramos said. “And when I get surgery, I want to stay here. I don’t want to go back to Venezuela. It’s better if I stay here, bring my mom, my family, to take care of me.”