This would be Nix’s third consecutive day off with the flu, which also gives him a chance to rest the sore Achilles’ tendon that has been hindering him for months. It helps, too, that Jonny Gomes, who is in a platoon with Nix, has produced in recent games. Gomes drilled a two-run homer yesterday, and he has reached base in four of his past six plate appearances.

“I like the way that Gomes is swinging the bat,” Johnson said. “I’m going to give Nixie a chance to get well with the flu, and also give his foot time to heal. I think that’s going to be something, the more rest, the better it's going to be.”

All of this, of course, presupposes we will have a good tonight at Wrigley Field. The tarp has covered the field all afternoon, and the rain has not showed any signs of letting up. The Cubs have made no official announcements about the game starting on time or not. We’ll keep you posted.