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Nationals Manager Matt Williams says Rafael Soriano is willing to pitch in whatever inning he is asked to.

The closer says he feels a little worn out this early but adds that he's not hurt.

Davey Johnson may give closer Rafael Soriano the game off because the Nationals’ winning produced three consecutive save situations.

Drew Storen will get more chances to close, but will split the job with Tyler Clippard based on matchups.

Drew Storen's performance, with the playoffs looming, may have forced Davey Johnson and the Nationals into a decision about the ninth inning.

After the closer worked both ends of the Nationals’ doubleheader, Manager Davey Johnson said Clippard would still be available tonight if a save situation arose.

Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrel have dominated enough to work their way into the NL Cy Young conversation, but closers don't get much consideration for the award.

Storen has found a groove and his continued progress is another sign that Davey Johnson will use him to help ease the workload of closer Tyler Clippard.