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"My advice is for him to continue to play," Williams said.

Mired in a frustrating offensive season, the Nationals' shortstop is working to improve his swing path.

Washington's shortstop showed signs of recovery this weekend, and feels he is taking steps in the right direction at the plate.

For the second time in four games, the Nationals' shortstop is not in the lineup.

The Nationals shortstop was not supposed to be in the lineup Saturday, but ended up with a last-minute start.

Matt Williams on his shortstop: "I hope he rests."

The Nationals shortstop addresses bad habits in the box, whether free agency is bothering him, and how he can turn things around at the plate.

He is hitting .225 with two home runs and his groundball rate has risen, but he has usually been a slow starter anyway.

The shortstop has been charged with only one error over the past 13 games, after making eight in the first 12.

Slumps do not last forever. The Nationals are trying to figure out how to bring this one to a swift conclusion.

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