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These trends and breakout performances may sizzle, or fizzle, by summer.

The Angels' young star made a good deal for his family and his team, but in baseball one contract affects the next.

Not only will rule changes alter the game, a few iconic characters are on their way out.

As we hand out our awards for the 2013 season, the same two men come with the two best seasons and virtually the same arguments behind them.

The team's unorthodox but successful arrangement at leadoff returns just in time for the MLB playoffs.

The Dodgers are having one of the best second-half runs of all-time – and look very much like a favorite for the World Series.

With six weekes left in the regular season, it's not too early too to pick out some teams who have exceeded expectations -- or fell short of them.

  • Harry Pavlidis
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  • Aug 17, 2013
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Veteran infielder Jeff Keppinger leads the pack of players allowed to remain in the lineup, day in and day out, despite hitting terribly.

The NL East has been baseball's worst division this season by just about any measure.

Seven years later, Soriano’s single season in Washington – in which he hit 46 homers and stole 41 bases – remains a fleeting memory.

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