I’m going to roast myself a bit. I failed to give credit in my Sunday column to Alice Crites, the Post’s research editor for national politics, who helped Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia on his digging into the story of Marco Rubio’s parents and when they arrived in the United States from Cuba.

Roig-Franzia told me of Crites’s role, and I should have called it out in my column. Crites is a former researcher for the Library of Congress and Congressional Research Service. She found the “Declaration of Domicile” document in which Rubio’s father declared, in a court petition to get his oldest son naturalized, that he had been a resident of Florida since May 27, 1956. That date matched the date on the immigration papers Roig-Franzia had discovered during his research while writing a biography of the senator.

The Post’s research team is one of the unsung teams of the newsroom. Without them, Post stories, particularly investigative ones, would not reach the quality that they often do. So, thanks to Madonna Anne Lebling, Magda Jean-Louis, Jennifer Jenkins, Eddy Palanzo, Lucy Shackelford, Julie Tate and Alice Crites for their prodigious work.