Following up on my latest column on whether The Post is lax in its coverage of Rep. Ron Paul’s run for the GOP presidential nomination, here are links to Post stories and blog posts in the past six months These are the stories that are primarily about Paul or that mention him several times. Because of deficiencies in The Post Web site’s search mechanism, we cannot guarantee we have all of the citations. We also searched in, but that does not capture all Post blog stories.

Staff written or Associated Press stories:

●Ron Paul puts his house up for sale.

●Paul announces exploratory committee for GOP presidential nomination.

●Paul’s performance at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

●Paul will not seek re-election to the House.

●Can Paul win it all in Iowa?

●Paul’s anti-abortion stand in Iowa, AP story.

●Paul will hew to his Tea Party roots.

●Mike Huckabee criticizes Paul’s debate performance.

●Paul’s presidential bid shaping 2012, AP story.

●Preview of Iowa voting.

●Report on Iowa poll results.

●Post declares top three: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, no Ron Paul.

From The Fix (a political news and analysis blog by Chris Cillizza):

●Paul forms exploratory committee.

●Cillizza compares Paul’s bid to NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” show about football.

●Paul won’t seek re-election to House.

●Cillizza first raises possibility that Paul could win Iowa straw poll.

●Cillizza on what to watch for in the Iowa debate, describes Paul as “niche” candidate.

●Iowa debate, winners and losers.

●Paul could be surprise victor in Iowa straw poll.

●Cillizza preview on the Iowa voting.

●Paul says no to a third party candidacy.

●Rick Perry and Paul only GOP candidates with military service

●How would Paul do against President Obama?

●Paul isn’t going away.