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How would his leadership style play on the national stage?

Barry Black's scolding hasn't broken the impasse in Congress, but prayer is just about all we have left.

We may be heading toward a "mutually hurting stalemate." (Yes, that's a real thing.)

The president can't force other leaders into a room and tell them they can't leave because he's the boss.

It's time for him to make the ultimate political self-sacrifice.

Even if the filibuster can make a politician more famous, it's an odd format for showcasing leadership.

Americans want negotiation, but Washington won't give it to us.

It took guts for Rep. Scott Rigell to break from the pack on the GOP's stopgap funding plan.

Maybe the notion that Americans are so willing to forgive and forget has gotten ahead of reality.

Perhaps the two leaders should have had that official sit-down in St. Petersburg after all.

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