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Malzahn's strength isn't his offensive strategy, but his ability to adapt to the talents of the guys on his team.

The question is, whose leadership failed? And it appears there are multiple answers.

The Cardinals manager shows that veteran coaches don't hold all the cards.

Who, if not university presidents, should be responsible for managing college sports?

For all the good the trophy does in recognizing athletes, it also makes it harder for these young stars to really grow into leaders with "excellence and integrity."

Why are we forgetting the four others?

Gee, who as head of Ohio State is the third-highest paid public university president, should know better.

The university is again facing controversy over its athletic leaders.

Good luck to any managers who try to follow in Sir Alex's footsteps with Manchester United. They'll need it.

In the most basic sense of the word, Collins is displaying all of the leadership qualities lacking in so many of our traditional leaders today.

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