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The Washington Post

One thing's for sure: The hilarious CEO job ad stunt helped to generate plenty of real publicity.

"One of the great beliefs I have is that ordinary people have to, and must be, in government," Laura Alonso said. And so she took her own advice.

For a leader who has long been criticized as too insular, the president should have focused on adding another kind of diversity—outsiders—to his team.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's maternity leave may have only been "a few weeks long," but her employees are about to start getting a lot more time off—and getting paid for it, too. NBC News reported Tuesday that Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Yahoo is expanding its parental leave benefits, offering women who give birth 16 paid weeks off, […]

Female leaders are indeed judged twice, both by how well they actually perform and by how well they fit in with how we think women should behave.