From elsewhere in The Post: How do you know if a tempestuous preteen would be better served by seeing a physician or a therapist? A mom of three girls, including one, 12, who is prone to emotional outbursts, asks Marguerite Kelly for advice.


“How can we help our child the most? Should she see a physician? Or a therapist?”

Kelly suggests that the girl needs to see her pediatrician first, to rule out any health problems, and an allergist, to make sure allergies aren’t causing her emotional outbursts.

“Whatever the findings of the pediatrician and the allergist, your daughter will probably need some talk therapy to deal with the messes she’s made and to correct the problems that come with middle school — that time when preteens and young teens are expected to adjust to more physical, mental and emotional changes than they’ve ever faced before and to do it with grace and aplomb,” Kelly writes.

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