From elsewhere in The Post: A stay-at-home mom whose children are now in college asks Family Almanac author Marguerite Kelly for advice on returning to the paid workforce.

(Hadley Hooper for The Washington Post)

“Am I wrong to insist on pursuing a future that would make me feel alive? And should I do it, even though I’ll be going against the people I love the most?”

Kelly says the woman should pursue the career she wants, while remaining sensitive to the fact that doing so may cause some upheaval at home for her husband and children, as she devotes time to her own education and work.

“Your need to walk down a new path might baffle your husband and your children, so you must understand and respect their point of view, which is probably as strong as yours but essentially quite different,” she says, but “you don’t need your children’s permission to work at the university or to work at McDonald’s, either. If they have the right to choose their own career — and they do — surely you have the right to choose yours.”

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