Now that the news broke that Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant, the question many folks are debating has moved from “Is sexting infidelity?” to “Does the pregnancy change things?”

This morning Madeline Holler, a writer at the blog Babble, offers an argument that too often pregnant women are treated as fragile and vulnerable. They’re not, she writes, so the news of the pregnancy should not be considered a factor as legislators and constituents consider whether to call for Rep. Weiner to leave office.

Meanwhile, Joan Walsh takes the opposite tack on Salon. She writes that pregnancy is the reason he must now step down.

Excerpts from both pieces are below:

“The fact that Abedin is gestating, however, doesn’t make her frail or needy (of anything other than, say, snacks and a nap), which is how too many people appear to be characterizing her after word got out she’s in the early months of pregnancy.....

Why is the baby a game-changer? Weiner’s the same guy, Abedin’s the same woman. The kid doesn’t care and won’t … for years.”

— From Babble’s Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin Doesn’t Need Pity Because She’s Pregnant

“I’ve resisted calling for Weiner’s resignation, even though I’ve deplored his reckless behavior. ...And now he’s apparently done the lowest thing most of us can think of: Humiliate not just his wife, but his pregnant wife.

... this news is impossible to parse on a political level; the default reaction for most people is going to be personal. It was bad enough that he cyber-cheated on his wife, and behaved so recklessly that the whole world found out about it. Dragging her through any more humiliation, while she’s pregnant, would be cruelty. He can’t do it. Weiner has to resign. He owes it to his family.”

— From Salon’s “A Pregnancy Changes Everything”:

What do you think? What’s the pregnancy got to do with it?