From elsewhere in The Post: One parent’s two boys, ages 9 and 12, are begging to play violent video games at home since “all the other kids” are doing it. The parent writes in to Ask Amy, questioning whether the kids should be allowed to play games rated T (teen, age 13) and M (mature, age 17) or stick to more child-friendly options:

We realize that we have no control over what other kids are allowed to do in their homes and we realize that our own boys are playing them when they are visiting their friends.

However, we have resisted letting them have them in our house. We feel the constant exposure to these types of video games is desensitizing kids to violence.

Are we really the only parents left in America that do not allow these games in our home, as our sons would have us believe?

Amy advises this parent to help the kids think outside the box when it comes to having fun: “When they agitate for a violent video game, help them to explore alternatives. (One thing I love about ‘Guitar Hero’ is that this game is action-packed, interactive, clever, fun and cool.)

Read the rest of Amy’s response here. Then tell us: How do you determine which video games are appropriate for your kids?