The lead-up to school is a frantic time. Parents scramble to organize the right health forms, buy supplies and urge their kids to finish off those summer homework assignments while kids’ anxiety levels rises faster than the thermometer.

Before we curse our end-of-summer lot, let’s give a thought to Jen and Larry Kilmer. The Rockville parents have 11 children. Yup, 11, ranging in age from 1 to 12. The family is featured in today’s Local Living back-to-school issue, and the story that chronicles their ability to maintain order provides some good ideas for those of us with families that don’t consume two loaves of bread and gallons of milk daily. (Check out how Jen organizes the laundry with labeled plastic bags — great idea.)

The back-to-school issue also has tips for organizing a teen’s bedroom, a guide to packing healthful school lunches and snacks, ideas for setting up homework spaces for children with special needs and a Momspeak column about bullying.

Finally, Post education writer and Campus Overload blogger Jenna Johnson will have a chat on parenting a college student at 1 p.m. today.

They’re all worth a read, while you still have some summer downtime left.