From elsewhere in The Post: A mother of two sons, both in their 20s, worries that their weight gain, bad eating habits and lack of exercise will lead to a lifetime of health problems.

“One of my sons talked to me about how unhappy he is about his weight gain. He asked my advice, and I gave him a few very practical suggestions. Later he said I hurt his feelings because he felt I was agreeing that they were ‘fat.’

I agree there is too much focus on body image in our society, but my husband and I both have long family histories of hypertension, heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes,” she says in a letter to the Ask Amy advice column.

To prevent these children from being defensive when weight is discussed, Amy encourages the mom to keep the conversation focused on health instead of physical appearance.

“You have a responsibility to educate them about their alarming family history,” she says. “You and your husband don’t have to tell your sons they’re fat.”