From today’s Post: It’s field trip season in Washington, which means parent chaperones will roll up their sleeves and brave trips to our city’s monuments with groups of hyper fourth-graders. As columnist Petula Dvorak writes, the experience can be harrowing:

“On a field trip, you get a sickening glimpse of your kid’s uncensored behavior when he’s goofing off for his friends. You get to meet the Mean Girl making your daughter’s life the most tragic of telenovelas. (If it’s your lucky day, Mean Girl will be assigned to your group, and you’ll repress the urge to lose her on the Metro.) And you get to demonstrate how impotent you are in the face of a tantrum and the threats commonly used in your family.”

Read Dvorak’s column about the parade of student groups who visit the National Air and Space Museum and the parents who accompany them.

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