A roundup of news and advice:

Children ages 3 to 5 who watched violent or scary content on television, or watched TV in the evening, are increasingly likely to have nightmares, trouble falling asleep or other sleep issues, a study says. The researched published in the journal Pediatrics also revealed that kids who had a TV in their bedrooms watched about 40 additional minutes of television per day. (Los Angeles Times)

Small infractions, like turning the page of a book too early, often led parents to hit their children, says research by psychologist George Holden on spanking. Holden, the author of five books on parenting and child development, says spanking works in the short term, but has the long-term consequence of teaching children aggression. (Time)

Diaper bags can be as stylish for men as they are for women. Richard Popovic, who blogs for Apartment Therapy, gives five suggestions for bags that any man would be happy to sling over his shoulder. They range from the economically friendly Dad Gear Messenger bag to the Brad Pitt chic Storksak Jamie Bag. (Ohdeedoh)